13-Year-Old Loses Her Life during Auto Accident

Posted on Nov 26, 2010 7:15pm PST

When a 16-year-old lost control of the truck he was driving, a 13-year-old girl lost her life. Cooper Greer of Belhaven, NC took a curve too fast in his truck, causing him to careen off the road. Passenger Hailey Smith died at the scene while two more passengers are still in the hospital. Two more passengers were also riding in the Ford F-150.

Officials responding to the accident stated that this certainly isn't the first time that an auto accident had occurred on Pamlico Beach Road, a motorway known for its sharp corners and turns. However, it was an accident that could have been avoided, especially if teenagers hadn't been involved.

According to the Department of Transportation, a youngster under the age of 19 is involved in a motor vehicle crash every 23 seconds. In this accident, none of the passengers were wearing a seat belt.

Trooper Joseph Midgette commented on the need to observe the posted speed limits at all times, and to remind drivers that seat belts are not optional.

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