4-Year-Old Child Hit by Car

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 7:20am PST

Heartache struck a family in Brunswick County, NC when their four-year-old son ran out into the street and struck by a car. Jalen was crossing the street to play with his brothers who were playing basketball.

Sergeant Matt Hardee of the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that the young boy was visiting his grandmother. He was brought to the Brunswick Community Hospital where he died shortly after. The woman responsible for hitting the boy, 33-year-old Aurelia Hewett, tried her hardest to avoid hitting him but was unable to at the last moment.

Hewett was transported to a local hospital to be checked for injuries. She was so distraught after the accident that she refused to go on camera. The Hewett family released a statement instead saying, "Our prayers go out to the family. We've known them all our lives and we are praying for their strength in this hard time."

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