Botox Manufacturer Ordered to Pay $600 Million for Illegal Marketing

Posted on Sep 8, 2010 4:05pm PDT

Recently, it has been reported that Botox manufacturer, Allergan, will have to pay out $600 million in monetary fine for illegal marketing practices.

Countless women and men in the United States want to look younger and more attractive, so they have turned to Botox, which they believe to be a miracle drug. Botox is well-known for smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when administered.

However, federal agents have been looking into the advertising methods employed by Allergan for well over a year and determined that the company used illegal marketing tactics. Now, the company is expected to plead guilty to misbranding because doctors ended up endorsing the use of Botox for unapproved medical conditions.

Instead of using the drug to treat facial wrinkles, doctors were using Botox to treat headaches and even cerebral palsy, conditions the drug has not been approved to treat.

Allergan will have to pay $375 million as part of a plea deal and an additional $225 million in civil fines.

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