Car Accident Kills Five People

Posted on Nov 4, 2010 7:35pm PDT

A crash on I-26 in Henderson County left five people dead last Sunday. The North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to a call where nine cars were involved in a late-night crash in the eastbound lane between mile markers 43 and 44. Two of the vehicles were tractor-trailers, one of which was driven by Roumen Todorov Velkov, 48, who is now being charged with one count of assault with seriously bodily harm and four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

In court the following Tuesday morning Velkov waived his right to a court appointed attorney. He is being held on a $230,000 bond; his probable cause hearing will be held on November 12. In the meantime court officials are looking for an interpreter that speaks Bulgarian to assist Velkov.

Although authorities cannot determine the exact cause of the accident just yet, high speeds and not paying attention to the road are probably culprits. It took construction teams several hours to clear up the scene of the multiple car crash and truck accident. The victims of this terrible accident are Charles "Chuck" Joseph Novak, 22, Amber Reed, 26, Theresa "Teri" Nicole Seaver, 23, Gail Evans Kimble, 55, and Alvin Kimble Jr., 60.

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