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Driving When Older: Knowing When to Stop

Distraction, drugs and alcohol affect the ability to drive a car safely. Age is also a factor that leads, slowly but surely, to decline in driving ability.  The best way to deal with any car accident is to prevent it. Education campaigns, texting and drunk driving laws help deter motorists from making poor choices behind… Read More »

NHTSA Traffic Overview: Fatalities Rise Across the Board

In news that should concern the public at large, motor vehicle fatalities rose across modes of transportation last year, according to November figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  While any motor vehicle fatality is devastating, the statistics for 2012 were particularly startling, because motor vehicle fatalities increased last year for the… Read More »

Teen Drivers: Keep Them Alive

In September, a Durham high school student was killed when the car he was driving crossed the centerline on Highway 55 and struck an oncoming vehicle. The force of the crash sent both cars down an embankment. It is unknown why the 16-year-old driver, Tyreic Elyja Hemphill, crossed the median, but speed and alcohol are… Read More »

Car Safety: Have I Got an App for You!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a new app to help you and your family stay safe — just do not use it while you are driving. Originally released in March of this year, the SaferCar app is free from iTunes for iPod Touch and iPhone devices. NHTSA is working on a version… Read More »

Safest Car in America Goes Up in Flames

In an embarrassing and potentially dangerous turn of events for upstart automaker Tesla, a Model S electric car burned itself into memory across the nation as a video of the vehicle engulfed in flames went viral in early October. Our firm represents clients injured by defective automobiles and the accidents they cause. In this case,… Read More »

Drunken Driving: Whose Fault Is It?

Differences of opinion abound on the fairness of so-called “dram shop” laws, under which an establishment that knowingly serves alcohol to an intoxicated patron can be held liable if the drunken patron then causes injury to another. Those who believe society should promote individual responsibility say the drunken person alone should be held liable for… Read More »

Look Out for Driving Distractions

We have all heard about the epidemic of auto accidents caused by driving while texting. But texting technology has only been around for a few years. What did people do, before everyone became glued to their cell phones, to keep their eyes off the road? The myriad things we do while driving — other than,… Read More »

Speed Kills — So Why Raise The Speed Limit?

In June, North Carolina legislators considered a proposal to raise the maximum state speed limit to 75 miles per hour. While the measure handily zipped through the Senate, it hit a roadblock in the House when representatives questioned the safety of the proposal. In 2011, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated speed was… Read More »

Issues that Can Contribute to North Carolina Truck Accidents

Just as trucks are more mechanically complex than passenger cars, accidents involving trucks are more legally complex than those between two or more private passenger vehicles. Truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to numerous regulatory requirements instituted to protect the safety of other motorists. When a violation of one or more of these regulations… Read More »

What to Do After You Have Been in a Car Accident

A serious car accident is always a major disruption to your life. And planning for the long term can be challenging when the unexpected forces you to begin living day by day. But if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an automobile accident, there are several things you should do to… Read More »

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