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The Drive for Data: Automobile Black Boxes

Will an increase in automobile defects drive manufacturers toward new and improved event data recorders for motor vehicles? Consumers are reeling from recent recalls by General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Ford. While these recalls may be a symptom of corporate fear of liability rather than responsibility, the recalls do warn motorists of dangerous defects built… Read More »

FDA Reduces Recommended Initial Dose of Insomnia Drugs

In an attempt to decrease instances of impaired driving, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently lowered the starting dose of the sleep aid Lunesta. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies lack of sleep as a public health epidemic. Sufficient rest is essential in order to perform complex tasks like driving… Read More »

Multi-Car Crash Injures Five in Asheboro Construction Zone Accident

Five people were injured in Asheboro when a motorist failed to slow for a construction zone. Fatalities occur each year in North Carolina road construction zones. Motorists, passengers and construction workers are in danger when traffic bottlenecks in a construction zone. In late May, five people in four vehicles were involved in an accident on… Read More »

NHTSA Finalizes New Rule to Reduce Backing Accidents

Hoping to address the alarming frequency of backing accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently finalized a rule to improve rear-view visibility in new cars. Backing accidents unnecessarily take hundreds of lives each year. Those demographics most vulnerable to being hit by a backing car are senior citizens and children under five years… Read More »

GM Recall Continues to Make News

The delay of General Motors (GM) in revealing a deadly ignition switch defect continues to trouble consumers and regulatory agencies. After a slow rolling recall picked up speed in February of this year, GM continues to address the growing scandal surrounding vehicle defects it denied for years. At the center of the crises is a… Read More »

Summertime Blues: Teens and the Deadly Days

For teen drivers, the deadly days of summer are here. During summer months, motorists and families take to the road for summer vacations. Increased travel increases the risk of a serious automobile accident. For teen drivers, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest days of the year. Any time of… Read More »

Working with Qualified Experts is Crucial to Proving Your Case

Serious personal injury cases often involve disputes over complex legal issues that the average person has trouble understanding. Both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s attorneys can argue endlessly about medical and technical matters, but ultimately only a qualified professional in the relevant field can provide meaningful analysis and opinion. For this reason, many cases may… Read More »

Driving When Older: Knowing When to Stop

Distraction, drugs and alcohol affect the ability to drive a car safely. Age is also a factor that leads, slowly but surely, to decline in driving ability.  The best way to deal with any car accident is to prevent it. Education campaigns, texting and drunk driving laws help deter motorists from making poor choices behind… Read More »

NHTSA Traffic Overview: Fatalities Rise Across the Board

In news that should concern the public at large, motor vehicle fatalities rose across modes of transportation last year, according to November figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  While any motor vehicle fatality is devastating, the statistics for 2012 were particularly startling, because motor vehicle fatalities increased last year for the… Read More »

Teen Drivers: Keep Them Alive

In September, a Durham high school student was killed when the car he was driving crossed the centerline on Highway 55 and struck an oncoming vehicle. The force of the crash sent both cars down an embankment. It is unknown why the 16-year-old driver, Tyreic Elyja Hemphill, crossed the median, but speed and alcohol are… Read More »

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