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News You Can Use: Printing a Body Part

Medical devices that were poorly designed or manufactured have made news in recent years. From defective hip implants to faulty transvaginal mesh implants, defective medical devices cause a world of hurt. As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responds to challenges of dangerous devices on the market, it is turning its attention to medical… Read More »

Any New Product Can Pose Unexpected Safety Risks to Children

Anyone with small children should view new products brought into the home as their children might see them. Items with bright colors or interesting textures attract curious children – with potentially severe effects on their health and safety. If your children sustain injuries caused by dangerous products, you need an experienced defective product lawyer to… Read More »

President Obama Signs Drug Compounding Law

More than a year after a meningitis outbreak caused one of the largest public health crises in recent years, President Obama signed into law a measure giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wider powers to regulate the drug-compounding industry.  In the summer of 2012, incidents of spinal meningitis were linked to the New England… Read More »

When the Party Is Over: Watch Out for Dangerous Toys

Everyone hopes toys given to children provide fun times throughout the year. This year, make sure the toys your children receive bring only good memories by watching out for those that could be dangerous.  Our firm represents individuals and families injured by defective or dangerous products, including toys. Every year the U.S. Public Interest Research… Read More »

New Study Delays Clinical Trial of Heart Device

For critically ill patients, the chance to test a new medical device could be a lifesaver — or not. Recently, the start of a clinical trial to evaluate a device for use in heart patients was stalled when a study questioned whether it caused more harm than good. medical  For heart patients suffering a decline in… Read More »

Transvaginal Mesh: A Personal Injury

For middle-age women or those who have borne children, one of the most personal problems sometimes experienced is pelvic organ prolapse (POP). With POP, organs like the bladder, vagina and rectum relax downward as vaginal wall muscles lose tone and strength. Symptoms of POP include leaking urine, pain during sexual intercourse or painful pressure from… Read More »

Coming to a Product Near You: Nanotechnology

Its potential is unknown, and so is its danger. Nanotechnology, once a futuristic idea, is entering commerce through products like sunscreens, food packaging, cosmetics, fabrics and nanomedicine, to name a few. Nanotechnology explores and exploits the characteristics of conventional materials at a much smaller scale. At the level of a nanometer, a normally inert material… Read More »

Bad Drugs: Compounding the Problem

Many people are aware of the multistate outbreak of meningitis last year. What began as a few cases of meningitis became a nationwide health crisis, with 750 people sickened by contaminated compounded drugs and 64 deaths to date. What is the problem with compounded drugs?  In many cases, a neighborhood pharmacist compounds, or puts together,… Read More »

Ongoing Questions About Food Safety

In late September, two brothers who operated a family farm in Colorado were arrested and charged with introducing adulterated food into interstate commerce. The cantaloupes produced by their farm caused one of the largest contaminated food outbreaks in American history in 2011. Their arrest and news of another outbreak raises questions about the safety of… Read More »

Safest Car in America Goes Up in Flames

In an embarrassing and potentially dangerous turn of events for upstart automaker Tesla, a Model S electric car burned itself into memory across the nation as a video of the vehicle engulfed in flames went viral in early October. Our firm represents clients injured by defective automobiles and the accidents they cause. In this case,… Read More »

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