Inmate Severely Injured By Police While in Custody

Posted on Feb 19, 2010 10:50am PST

A police officer with the Highland Park Police Department in Michigan is standing trial for using excessive force against an inmate.

The incident occurred in November 2007 after 33-year-old Veretta Burnett was taken into police custody after getting into a fight with her neighbor. Burnett claims that while she was at the city’s mini-station Stevenson handcuffed her to a cage and positioned her as if she were hanging from a cross. Then, with a pair of leather gloves, Stevenson started to repeatedly punched Burnett in the face until she began bleeding profusely. Burnett also claims that, despite her injuries, Stevenson left her standing handcuffed to the cage, bleeding and in pain for hours. In her lawsuit, Burnett also claims that Stevenson wouldn’t let her use the restroom and refused to get her medical attention until the next morning.

Burnett’s attorney compared what happened to Burnett to be as traumatic as getting raped.

Stevenson said she never hit or punched Burnett, but several officers at the station backed up Burnett’s account.

According to Highland Park Police Chief Theodore Cadwell II, the department is currently conducting an internal investigation into the matter, but for now Stevenson still works for the department.

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