Kayakers Rescued from Near Death in River

Posted on Jul 3, 2012 10:55am PDT

Kayaking is a fun recreational sport that is commonly practiced on rivers and lakes all over the United States. Some advanced kayakers will even try to navigate through rapids or uncharted waters in an attempt to come up with a new challenge. However, in Oregon, kayakers on the state’s main river ended up in a dire situation when their weekend family trip took a dangerous turn. The boats were caught in a swift current and all four family members toppled into the frigid water.

The mother and one son made it safely to the shore, while the father and the other son in the family were pulled further down the river. Eventually, the father and son were able to catch onto some rocks in the middle of the river and pull themselves up onto them. However, they were stranded in the center on the rocks, and could not make it to the shore. The Oregon law enforcement had to dispatch a helicopter to come and save the family from death. Thankfully, no one was severely hurt in the expedition. However, not all kayaking trips have happy endings. An article by USA Today says that kayakers often keep rescue crew busy, and many people who fall in the river end up with hypothermia.

While most kayaking injuries are the fault of the paddler, who somehow capsized his or her vessel, there are times that someone else to blame. Maybe you were an inexperienced boater and rented your kayak from a business that suggested you take a route that was way beyond your capabilities. If someone else is to blame for your kayaking disaster, then talk to a personal injury lawyer about the situation. This applies to all boat situations, whether on a yacht that goes awry, a lake boat, or individual watercrafts.

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