Lawsuit Filed Over Cleveland Home Explosion

Posted on Feb 8, 2010 5:30am PST

A class action lawsuit may soon be filed in connection with a January 25 Cleveland home explosion that damaged 57 buildings nearby.

A lawsuit was filed against Dominion East Ohio Gas Co. and EZ Access Funding, an investment company based in California. The lawsuit is blaming the two companies for a gas leak that resulted in a home explosion.

According to the lawsuit, EZ Access ignored its responsibility to maintain the home, which has been vacant since last summer. The lawsuit also alleges that Dominion failed to ensure the gas was shut off after residents complained they could smell a natural gas odor four days before the explosion.

Gerald Walton, the attorney representing EZ Access, said his client is not to blame for the explosion. He said his client was completely unaware that utilities were being supplied to the home and that they never authorized the gas or any other utilities to be turned on.

Attorney Scott Kalish is representing the owners of three of the homes that were damaged, as well as a dozen other people who rent properties in the area. He believes there could be up to 60 additional property owners and 80 additional renters affected by the explosion. He also says that four people suffered minor injuries in the blast.

Kalish is hoping to classify the lawsuit as class action.

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