Life After Chris: Daughtry Lawsuit

A federal judge has declined to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former band mates against Chris Daughtry. The judge also ruled that the case be sent from U.S. District Court back to Guilford County Superior Court where it was originally filed.

Bassist Ryan Andrews, drummer Scott Crawford and guitarist Mark Perry filed suit against Daughtry complaining Daughtry is guilty of “constructive fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices and other deceptive and wrongful conduct.” The three former band mates had performed with Daughtry in the local band Absent Element.

The plaintiffs claim Daughtry’s songs “Breakdown,” “Gone” and “You Don’t Belong” feature music and lyrics from a 2005 Absent Element album, “Uprooted.” The lawsuit also states that Daughtry consulted with Perry while writing his hit, “Home.” Andrews, Crawford and Perry say they have received no royalties from the songs.

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