Man Sues for Childhood Sexual Abuse

Posted on May 19, 2010 8:15am PDT

According to Robby Price, he was just 14 years of age in 1999 when a Catholic Priest sexually abused him in Charlotte, North Carolina. Eight years following the abuse, he kept his mouth shut and told no one of his dramatic ordeal.

He told news sources that while he suffered in silence, he endured flashbacks and painful nightmares. His past abuse was weighed so heavily upon him that he often through of committing suicide. These feelings prompted Price to take legal action against his molester.

This past Friday, Price secured a great victory after the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte announced that it would pay him a $1 million settlement. The priest that abused Price, Reverend Robert Yurgel, has since been imprisoned.

The Diocese set aside $47,500 to pay for Price's counseling, therapy and medication over the next five years. During Yurgel's sentencing, Price had a chance to speak out. He said to the former priest, "You are a liar, a thief of childhoods and a child molester." Price says that he is starting to feel closure at this time.

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