Mother of Murdered Woman Files Wrongful death Lawsuit Against Murderer

The mother of a murdered Minnesota woman is suing her murderer for wrongful death. The woman’s husband has been convicted of second degree murder and is currently serving a 27 ½ year prison sentence. The deceased woman’s mother is looking to recover damages from her former son-in-law.

It is believed that the woman’s husband killed her in their home sometime by smothering her with a pillow or his hand. The husband was charged soon after her disappearance in February of 2013, but her body went undiscovered until May of 2013, when it was found in the Mississippi River.

The lawsuit alleges that as a result of the negligence of the defendant the woman died and therefore has caused substantial damages and the family has been deprived of the companionship, support and other damages. The lawsuit claims that the husband “had a duty to avoid inflicting harm against [the woman] during their dispute or quarrel. Inflicting such harm under these circumstances clearly constitutes negligence.”

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