Motorcycle Accident to Cost County $270,000

Posted on Aug 24, 2010 8:00am PDT

A serious motorcycle accident going to cost taxpayers in Jackson County $270,000. It is reported that Derek Jackson was riding motorcycles with his friends last summer when he plowed into a deep pothole that was more than an arm's width.

The accident resulted in Jackson having to be lifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Scot Hofer said that his client ended up suffering multiple injuries, which included head trauma.

Without discussion, the Jackson County Legislature approved a payment of $270,000 in order to settle the injury lawsuit which would've headed to trial in April.

Hofer said that discovered documents revealed county officials were notified of the pothole 39 days before Jackson's accident took place.

At this time, county officials have refused to comment on the case and the personal injury settlement.

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