Octomom Settles Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

Posted on Jun 15, 2010 11:30am PDT

News sources are reporting that Nadya Suleman has agreed to settle a workers' compensation lawsuit. Suleman, who is well-known for giving birth to octuplets and dubbed "Octomom", agreed to settle an injury claim she filed against a hospital where she used to be employed.

As part of the settlement, Suleman will receive $40,000 from the Metropolitan State Hospital, which is located in Norwalk. In 1999, Suleman was working at the medical facility as a psychiatric technician. While employed, she suffered a back injury during a disturbance at the hospital. She came back to work briefly, but then left and collected disability from 2000 to 2008. During that time span, she received $170,000 in disability payments.

After her attorney's fees and permanent disability payments are deducted from the settlement, Suleman will collect $23,120.

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