Pilot’s Wife Sued by Victim’s Wife Following Plane Crash into IRS Building

Posted on Mar 3, 2010 6:10pm PST

A woman whose husband died when another man flew his personal aircraft into the Internal Revenue Service building where her husband worked has filed a lawsuit against the pilot’s wife.

Valerie Hunter, whose husband Vernon was killed when Andrew Joseph Stack flew his plane into the building where Hunter worked, claims Stack’s wife, Sheryl Mann Stack, failed to warn others about her husband, and had a duty to “avoid a foreseeable risk of injury to others.”

According to Hunter’s lawsuit, Sheryl Stack was threatened enough by her husband that the night before he crashed the plane, she took her daughter and stayed at a hotel.

Hunter is also claiming that her family is entitled to some type of compensation or damages because the pilot was negligent in protecting Vernon Hunter’s life. The amount of damages Valerie Hunter is seeking has not been disclosed. Hunter’s attorney said his client is also interested in learning what insurance money might be available to her and her family.

Sheryl Stack hasn’t commented on the lawsuit or the plane crash, other than stating she is grief-stricken.

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