Police Officer Suffers Traumatic Head Injury in Motorcycle Accident with SUV

Posted on Feb 12, 2010 1:40pm PST

A Florida man has filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of his son, a Cape Coral police officer who was critically injured in an accident involving an SUV.

Damien Garcia suffered massive head injuries when his police motorcycle was hit by a Lincoln SUV, driven by Josephine Peirce.

The lawsuit, filed by Garcia's father Enrique Caballero, names both Peirce and her husband, Thomas Pierce, as defendants.

The lawsuit seeks $15,000 in damages, the amount needed to file the case in circuit court. But according to Caballero's attorney Marc Brumer, the case will exceed $50 million in damages.

The Pierces are denying negligence, according to their attorney, Bryan Reynolds. Reynolds said Garcia might actually be partially or totally at fault for the accident.

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