Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Posted on Jan 21, 2010 5:30am PST

The term "nursing home abuse" refers to more than just physical abuse. Nursing home abuse is a broad term applied to all forms of abuse, including:

Physical abuse:  Any time a nursing home staff member makes contact with a resident in an attempt to inflict injury it is referred to as physical abuse. Examples include hitting, slapping, kicking, choking, pushing, burning, pinching, etc.

Sexual abuse:  When a nursing home staff member engages in sexual activity with a resident against the resident's will it is considered sexual abuse.

Financial abuse:  Stealing money, credit cards, or ATM cards is a form of financial abuse, as is convincing or coercing a resident into withdrawing money or changing his or her will or trust.

Verbal/emotional abuse:  Examples of verbal/emotional abuse include threatening, belittling, screaming or yelling, brainwashing, blackmailing, etc.

Neglect: Nursing homes have a legal obligation to ensure its residents are fed, clothed, cleaned, and given any medication when prescribed or when deemed appropriate.  Cleaning a resident's wounds, changing his or her bandages, changing undergarments, and ensuring the rooms and grounds are clean and sterile are also the responsibility of the nursing home. Failure to do any of this is considered neglect.

Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

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