Volunteer Firefighter Hurt during Motorcycle Accident

Posted on Sep 21, 2010 1:00pm PDT

In Guilford County, a motorcycle accident led to a Hollinger firefighter and his wife suffering serious injuries while returning home from the Pink Heals Tour.

According to Chief Cox, Darren Weatherman and his wife Heather were driving 10 miles outside of Laurinburg when a driver attempted a U-turn and crashed into the side of their motorcycle. Upon impact, both Darren and Heather were thrown off of the bike.  Both had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Cox said that Darren suffered injuries to his pelvis, hip, left leg and ankle. He had to go through a five-hour surgery on his pelvis and hip this week.

Darren has serves as a voluntary firefighter for the Guil-Rand Fire Department. However, he used to be a full-time firefighter and only became a volunteer after opening his own business. He has been serving the fire department since 1992.

Heather sustained a knee injury during the collision.

A police officer from the High Point Police Department, Dana McKim, said that the driver was cited in the motorcycle accident.

Both Darren and Heather were participants in the Pink Heals Tour, which consists of firefighter rising motorcycles and several pink fire engines meant to spread cancer awareness across the country.

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