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November 4,2013, An attorney on behalf of the parents of the 11-year-old girl who died after being electrocuted this summer at the Brookside Swim Club has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Lexington in Davidson County Superior Court.
Jamestown Attorney Donald S. Higley II of the Lanier Law Group filed the suit Monday on behalf of Lori and Keith Cecil. They are the parents of Lauren Cecil, the young swimmer who died July 16 at the pool on Queens Road. The City of Lexington, doing business as Lexington Utilities, and ElectriCities of North Carolina are listed as the defendants in the suit. Read More

On July 8, 2013, Lanier Law Group, P.A. filed a lawsuit in Guilford County Superior Court against Michael Greene, Sr. regarding the high speed collision that occurred on May 25, 2013 on the Swearing Creek portion of High Rock Lake between a yellow speed boat, operated by Greene, and a pontoon boat operated by Clay Britt. The collision claimed the life of a pregnant mother, Melissa Britt, and her three year old son, Jaiden Britt, and seriously injured her brother, Michael Chambers. Lanier Law Group has completed an extensive investigation into the events leading up to the crash and are in the process of taking additional statements from the countless numbers of witnesses who have come forward to share their accounts of the events of May 25, 2013. Additional witnesses or anyone with information regarding this accident or any of the parties involved are encouraged to contact Lisa Lanier or Donald S. Higley, II of Lanier Law Group, P.A. at (336) 855-8554.

Below are some of the current ongoing cases our firm is handling:

A worker's compensation claim where client was doing framework and the nail gun that he had on his waist shot misfired and fired into his right knee. Client had to have surgery to remove the nail. Employer is claiming there was no employer/employee relationship.

A worker's compensation claim where client slipped and fell on ice, injuring his left knee and right hip. Client had to have hip replacement surgery and received a 25 percent rating on his knee.

A worker's compensation claim where client was an electrician working through a temp agency when his ladder gave out, causing him to fall more than nine feet down and landed on his arm. He fractured his clavicle, elbow, and wrist, bruised his ribs, broke his humerus and radius, and has back pain and numbness in his legs. Had a shoulder surgery and will need back surgery.

A worker's compensation claim where client was injured while stocking a case of wine at work. He felt a sudden jerk in his neck and injured his upper back. Client had to have spinal surgery in June and is still recovering.

A personal injury claim involving a bus driver who battered and assaulted two minors. One minor has a possible mental health issue caused by the attack. The second minor jumped in to help, and driver struck her as well.

A personal injury claim where the client's wife is the defendant. Wife is currently in jail for running over our client. He has since passed away.

A car accident claim where our client, a police officer, was struck in the rear while on duty, by a drunk driver.

A claim against the hospital and psychiatric nurse for sexually abusing a female teenage patient.

A pharmacy malpractice claim where client, a young boy, who was prescribed Zonegran for his seizures was given Zyprexa, a medication used for schizophrenic and bipolar patients, by the pharmacy. Zyprexa has a possible side effect of seizures. Client went from having four-six seizures a month to six-seven seizures a week as well as changes to his personality.

A wrongful death claim against a hospital involving a 28-year-old male who underwent spinal fusion surgery resulting from Crohn's disease with inflammatory destruction of the spine on April 6, 2010. He was discharged on April 9th, against family's wishes. He was found unresponsive and pronounced dead on April 10th. Cause of death: Fentanyl, Tramadol, and Oxycodone toxicities as a result of the medication prescribed post operatively.

A medical malpractice claim against a hospital in which our client was admitted to the hospital on June 14th for an elective knee replacement. On the 21st, she was transferred to the physical therapy unit. During the night of the 23rd, our client suffered from two falls. Despite her complaints of persistent right hip pain, she was urged to continue PT. Five days later, on the 28th, our client was diagnosed with a right hip fracture that requires surgery. She continues to have problems with stability and mobility.

A medical malpractice claim against a hospital that our client was admitted to the labor and delivery on November 23, 2009. The hospital staff failed to appreciate signs of fetal distress, and the baby was delivered and diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, right frontal lobe parenchymal bleed and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. He is currently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hearing loss and is at risk for seizures and epilepsy. He also suffers from motor and cognitive delays. His future medical needs are currently unknown at this time.

A 28-year-old client presented several times to his PCP, neurologist, and podiatrist with complaints of persistent foot pain. His neurologist finally prescribed Neurontin for nerve pain and ordered an EMG/NCV. The Dr. noted "purple mottling" and "coolness" in his foot, but did not make a referral for evaluation of the vascular issues. Three days later, our client was seen by his PCP again who noted "moderate blueness of the toes" and "trace pulses" but was merely diagnosed with painful tinias pedis (athlete's foot). He was treated with antifungals and antibiotics. Our client ultimately presented himself to the emergency room and was diagnosed with left arterial occlusion. He was transferred to the hospital for vascular consult and underwent a below the knee amputation.

An auto accident litigation claim in which a minor was hit by a vehicle in a church parking lot as he exited the church. Injuries include a subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage and non-displaced skull fracture.

An auto accident litigation claim where our client was hit head-on by an oncoming car that crossed the median and entered his path of travel. His injuries include an open fracture of his right distal radius, open patellar tendon rupture, fracture of his right fibula with widened syndesmosis of the right ankle, lateral capsular injury to the left ankle, pulmonary contusions, and multiple abrasions and lacerations. Client was active military at the time and cannot return to work in any capacity.

Current personal injury claim, where our client was bit by a dog. We are filing suit against the homeowner.

A personal injury claim where our client was purchasing a transmission from an inventory store when he was injured. The store directed our client to help load the transmission onto his truck. An employee used a forklift to collect the part from the inventory, and when the forklift arrived at his truck bed, the employee released the forklift, causing it to slam on our client's head. As a result of the negligence, our client suffered a serious concussion and missed nearly six months of work. The store's insurance company is arguing our client hit his own head. The medical evidence will support that the forklift dropping on his head was the mechanism of injury, and the concussion was a direct result of the mechanism.

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