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What Causes Medical Devices to Become Defective?

You have likely heard about numerous cases involving defective medical products, such as hip replacements, heart valves, breast implants, contraceptives and monitoring equipment. Millions of Americans regularly use these types of products, and when defects arise, they can range in severity from being minor inconveniences to life-threatening dangers. But what exactly causes these products to… Read More »

Occupational Illnesses and Workers’ Compensation

Although most workers’ compensation claims are filed after a person suffers an injury on the job, you can also file a claim if you have developed an occupational illness. An occupational illness is any type of disease or disorder caused by your work or exposure to harmful conditions. Therefore, any condition that you developed must… Read More »

Types and Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

With the number of employees of nursing homes who are underpaid, undertrained and overworked, it’s perhaps not surprising that there is a major problem with nursing home neglect in this country. Although nursing home abuse tends to involve people within a facility intending to harm elderly residents, neglect involves substandard care — whether or not… Read More »

Baby Boomer Deaths in Motorcycle Accidents On the Rise

On average, about a dozen people die in the United States every day in motorcycle accidents. And according to new research, an increasing number of those people belong to the Baby Boomer generation. Although the overall motorcycle crash death toll has declined in recent years, deaths among older riders have increased. In 2013, 55- to… Read More »

School Bus Involved in Johnston County Accident

A school bus collided with an SUV just north of Selma, North Carolina on the morning of March 17. Several injuries were reported in the accident, including the driver of the school bus, the driver of the SUV, several adults in the SUV and a Nissan involved in the accident and several students riding on… Read More »

Two Injured in Accident Involving Log Truck and Motorcycle

A stretch of U.S. 1 between Pennsylvania Avenue and Midland Road in Southern Pines, North Carolina was temporarily closed on March 16 after an accident involving a motorcycle and a log truck. According to reports from local officials, the log truck had been heading north on the highway when it overturned in the median. This… Read More »

Amtrak Train Collides with Vehicle on Tracks in North Carolina

An accident between an Amtrak train and a tractor-trailer in North Carolina recently caused injuries to 55 people. The truck had stopped on the tracks at a railroad crossing, and the collision caused a baggage car and locomotive to derail. According to representatives from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were 213 total people… Read More »

Legal Concerns Impacting North Carolina Bicycle Riders

Bike riding is one of the most popular outdoor sports and activities in America. However, because bicyclists often share public roadways with other vehicles, it is important that all bicyclists are aware of the dangers and legal concerns affecting them. First, bicyclists should understand that bikes are governed by the same rules of the road… Read More »

What are Police Reports Used for After an Accident?

After you get into an accident, one of the first steps that you should take is to call the police to come to the scene. Even if nobody was hurt in the accident, having the police present can help in the process of exchanging information. The officers will also create a written accident report, which… Read More »

Study Finds No Safe Amount of Alcohol Use After a Concussion

Recent research performed by Suzanne G. Martin PsyD of MPH Intrepid Spirit Concussion Recovery Center indicates that there is no safe amount of alcohol use following a concussion. According to the study, more and more studies are showing that alcohol and other recreational drugs can have particularly harmful effects toward people who have suffered brain… Read More »

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