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Deadly Drive for Motorcyclist

Unfortunately, drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks often have difficulty seeing motorcyclists on the road. Drivers nevertheless have a responsibility to exercise due care when driving, and this includes watching out for the safety of others, such as those operating cars, motorcycles,  bicycles and pedestrians. When a driver is negligent and causes injury or death,… Read More »

North Carolina Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Passes in Spite of Governor Veto

During its 2011-12 session, the North Carolina General Assembly overrode the gubernatorial veto of a controversial tort reform bill. While the bill added protections to medical providers, many people argue that it robbed medical malpractice victims of their rights. The key provisions of the law include a $500,000 cap on non-economic damages and the elevation… Read More »

Even Young Children Need to Learn About Dog Safety

Every parent should know that more than half of the 4.7 million Americans who sustain dog bites are children. Dog bite prevention begins by starting to teach even very young children about appropriate behavior around dogs. Moreover, parents need to strictly supervise their children around all dogs – even a beloved family pet. If you… Read More »

Healthcare-Associated Infections in North Carolina

The purpose of medical care is to help patients feel better, cure illness and heal injury. In the case of healthcare-associated infections, patients feel worse and sometimes die.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately one in 20 patients suffers a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). The damage from an HAI can be… Read More »

Is Meniscus Surgery a Sham?

Adults with severe knee pain are often told they have a meniscus tear and surgery is needed. In fact, with approximately 700,000 procedures per year, arthroscopic surgery to shave off worn or torn pieces of the meniscus is the most common orthopedic procedure performed in the United States. But a new study suggests many meniscus… Read More »

News You Can Use: Printing a Body Part

Medical devices that were poorly designed or manufactured have made news in recent years. From defective hip implants to faulty transvaginal mesh implants, defective medical devices cause a world of hurt. As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responds to challenges of dangerous devices on the market, it is turning its attention to medical… Read More »

Employees of Small North Carolina Companies Should Check the Workers Compensation Insurance Status of their Employers

Most employees expect the protection of workers compensation in the event they sustain workplace injuries. However, although employers of three or more workers must carry workers compensation insurance by law, injured workers can learn too late that their employers fraudulently waived the coverage, leaving them facing extensive costs for medical treatment. Especially if you work… Read More »

The Breach Goes On: Target Admits PIN Data Stolen

We talked recently about the holiday troubles of Target Brands, Inc. For several weeks after Thanksgiving and into December, the retailer suffered a data breach that exposed the financial information of approximately 40 million customers in the United States to hackers.  In a press release in late December, Target admitted personal identification numbers (PIN) were… Read More »

The Aftermath of St. Patrick’s Day

Last year, 19,801 traffic and criminal violations were recorded over St. Patrick’s Day weekend in North Carolina, according to the Department of Transportation’s Booze It & Lose It campaign. One of these accidents may have involved a Raleigh-Durham man who is currently being charged in a deadly vehicle crash.  Ray Rouse IV was allegedly driving… Read More »

North Carolina Assisted Living Facility Fined $64,000

As we discussed recently, it can be difficult to know if a loved one is receiving proper care at a North Carolina nursing facility. Recent headlines add to that uncertainty.  In November, the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulations fined an assisted living facility in Shallotte $64,000 for failing to remedy serious deficiencies reported… Read More »

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