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New Studies Suggest Voice-Activated Devices Are Just As Distracting

Two recent studies of voice-activated systems in automobiles seem to indicate that these systems, touted by manufacturers due to their supposedly safer hands-free capabilities, are just as dangerous and distracting as having your cell phone in your hand or your fingers fiddling with the radio dial or GPS. One of the main problems, researchers say,… Read More »

Hurricanes’ Skinner Out With Concussion

Jeff Skinner of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes has suffered his third head injury in four years, the latest occurring just 12 seconds after he took the ice in a preseason game against the Washington Capitals. He was diagnosed with a concussion and doctors will continue to monitor him on an ongoing basis.  While concussions are… Read More »

Woman Dies in Durham Bicycle Accident

A 57-year-old Durham woman was killed when a vehicle leaving a parking lot collided with her bicycle. The investigation of the accident is still in progress.  This type of accident is unfortunately common, and the outcome is usually predictable. Because motor vehicles are so much larger than bicycles, and because bicyclists are basically unprotected, collisions… Read More »

North Carolina Students Invent Nail Polish That Can Detect Presence of Drugs in Drinks

Four North Carolina male students have invented a nail polish that can alert its wearers to the presence of date-rape drugs in their drinks. Known as Undercover Colors, the nail polish is designed to change color if its wearer dips a finger in their drink and date-rape drugs are detected. The invention has been heralded… Read More »

Graham County Cited As Dangerous County for Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle Crashes

The 20th annual AAA Carolinas report of road safety has been released and it lists Graham County as the number one North Carolina County for motorcycle fatalities and the county in which you are most likely to be in a fatal car crash. The report, which cites statewide motor vehicle accidents and the injuries and… Read More »

College Hazing Poses Significant Risks to North Carolina Students

When a teenager departs for college, his or her parents often worry about their child’s academic future and whether he or she will make smart social decisions. One thing no parent should ever have to worry about is their child being injured or killed by people who claim to be their friends. Unfortunately, it is… Read More »

Habitual DWI Offender Charged With Manslaughter in North Carolina

A 43-year-old North Carolina man is facing a manslaughter charge after a passenger in his vehicle was killed in a crash. According to police, the man was driving on Ranklin Hill Road with a female passenger when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree on August 5. Both he and his… Read More »

What is Birth-Related Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a physician or other health care provider fails to exercise ordinary care and injures or kills a patient due to their negligence. This can occur in a number of different medical fields and types of treatment, including in neonatal care and infant delivery. Medical malpractice related to birth arises when a… Read More »

What Should You Do if You Are Injured By a Prescription Drug Error?

As pharmaceutical companies continue to develop powerful drugs designed to assist with illnesses and injuries, doctors are increasingly prescribing these medications to their patients. While the vast majority of these prescriptions prove helpful to these patients, occasionally a doctor will make a mistake in prescribing a drug and a patient will be injured or even… Read More »

Two North Carolina Bicyclists Killed In Hit-and-Run Accident

Nearly a year has passed since two bicyclists were killed outside of Chapel Hill, and police are still seeking information. On September 13, 2013, late in the evening, a 41-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman were riding southbound on US 15-501 when a motorist hit them from behind. Both bicyclists were thrown from their bike… Read More »

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