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The largest city in the Piedmont Triad, Winston-Salem is one of the most important financial and manufacturing centers in the Tar Heel State. Known as the City of Innovation as well as the City of the Arts, Winston-Salem is a community on the threshold of the future with deeps roots in a rich past. But, like any community of a quarter-million, the Twin Cities must contend with urban problems such as traffic congestion and motor vehicle accidents, which have increased markedly in recent years. If you are hurt in an auto accident in Winston-Salem or Forsyth County, Lanier Law Group, P.A. is here to help.

We can help you with:

  • property damage and rental car issues
  • medical treatment — finding the right doctor
  • health insurance issues — getting your medical bills paid even if you do not have health insurance.

We provide auto accident plaintiffs with heavyweight representation to aggressively pursue the full compensation they deserve.

Aggressive investigation to build a compelling case for recovery

Forsyth County reported 8,319 motor vehicle accidents in 2015, according to the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. These crashes injured 2,454 people, 38 fatally. The majority of the accidents, 5,732, happened in Winston-Salem, where 1,700 people were injured and 22 died. However, it’s impossible to know how many victims of negligent or reckless driving actually recovered compensation for their injuries. North Carolina’s strict contributory negligence law bars recovery for any party who shares responsibility for the crash, no matter how slight. Defense attorneys use this law to shield their clients from liability, even when they are 99 percent to blame.

As your auto accident attorneys, we fight to establish liability by proving the other driver was negligent, and we defend you from cross-claims that could bar your recovery. We have vast experience in cases resulting from:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Rollovers
  • Side-swipes
  • T-bone crashes

We are familiar with the major causes of such accidents. We conduct our own independent investigation to prove a driver was distracted by a cellphone, speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, overly fatigued, or too aggressive.

We also consult accident reconstruction experts who can testify about additional factors in the crash, such as weather, road design and construction, defective auto parts, or hazardous road conditions. Our aggressive pursuit of evidence helps us build a compelling case for full compensation.

Proving the full extent of your injuries

Although most car accidents only cause property damage, crashes at busy intersections or high-speed collisions on major arteries such as I-40, I-74, US 52, and US 421 can produce catastrophic injuries. We believe every accident victim deserves full compensation, but permanently injured parties have an urgent need to cover a lifetime of pain and suffering, ongoing care, and financial support. We have experience with severe injury cases that include traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and paralysis, displaced fractures and crushed bones, internal injuries, and disfiguring burns and scars.

Our personal injury lawyers consult with qualified medical experts, psychologists, physical therapists, and economists to present a complete picture of the impact your injuries have had and will continue to have on your life. When you retain our services, we pursue justice aggressively, compiling the evidence necessary to build a compelling case for your complete recovery.

Contact an aggressive car crash attorney in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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