North Carolina Work Injury Attorney

Injured at work? Call a worker's comp attorney.

If you recently suffered an injury at work, you may have the right to seek benefits through the North Carolina workers' compensation system. An experienced North Carolina workers' compensation attorney at Lanier Law Group, P.A. can help you file for benefits, make sure the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly, and effectively guide you through the claims process.

After a Workplace Injury

Following an injury, it is imperative that you see a doctor right away. A doctor can determine the full extent of your injuries and the toll he or she will likely take on your life, both physically and financially. In addition, your claim will also be taken more seriously if you seek medical attention immediately after you have been injured.

After you have seen a doctor, you need to report your injury to your employer and notify him or her in writing within 30 days after the injury. You must also notify your employer in writing if your doctor has diagnosed you with an occupational disease.

To protect your rights to benefits, you must also file a claim with the Industrial Commission within two years from the date you were injured. This typically involves filing an Industrial Commission form called Form 18, which you should also give a copy of to your employer.

Need help with a workers' compensation claim?

With the skilled guidance of a North Carolina workers' compensation attorney at our office, you will have a much better chance of successfully recovering benefits. We would be more than happy to meet with you discuss your rights under state and federal worker's compensation law, and address any questions or concerns you may have. We have a great deal of experience in this area of law and can help you pursue a worker's compensation claim in a quick and cost-effective manner.

For more information about filing for benefits after suffering an injury, please contact a Raleigh injury attorney today.