2 Department of Transportation Workers Killed in Car Accident

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 10:35am PDT

In Culberson, North Carolina, two Department of Transportation employees were working on the road when they were hit by an oncoming vehicle, a black ford escape. Dannie Burrell and Tony Wright were killed as they were working on the highway with a team of four other men doing construction work on the left shoulder of the large highway repairing a washout. It is said that the man driving the Ford Escape was 65 years old, and had a handicap driver sticker on his car.

As result of the accident, his car received a lot of damage as did the DOT dump truck, which was on site for the freeway construction job. It is reported that the other four men who survived the accident received no injuries; though they did just watch two of their coworkers have their lives taken as a result of this accident. The police on the scene share that there was no high amount of traffic on the road, nor was it wet to make the driver lose traction and spin out of control.

Though that is what happened, something caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control of his car and it slammed into the dump truck and the two men with brutal force. The police have sent in for a toxicology screening of the driver in order to determine if he was under the influence of any substance while driving. Until they receive the tests results, the police have decided not to make official charges.

These two men are terribly missed by those in their company, sharing that these men were some of the hardest workers on their team, and highly valued. Unfortunately, car accidents and construction site accidents happen all too often. In the event that a loved one of yours has lost their life or was injured on the job, contact a personal injury attorney who can fight for their rights! Call Lanier Law Group, P.A. today for more information.

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