Man Killed While Pedaling Recumbent Bike Across Country

This week, 60-year-old Albert Arnott was killed while pedaling his recumbent machine north on U.S. Highway 601. Arnott was a Plymouth native who couldn't walk, but managed to power a bike all the way across the country.

20 year ago, while working as a landscaper, Arnott had fallen from a tree and had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Three years ago, he moved to Arizona and began riding a high-tech, low slung bike. In many ways, it was like Arnott was in a lounge chair as he pedaled the recumbent bicycle.

In May and June of this year, Arnott was in the Wilkes-Barre area for a few weeks and told The Time Leader that he had biked from Los Angeles to New York via Washington, D.C. Friends say that once Arnott was on his bike, he pedaled slowly and with ease.

According to the Highway Patrol, Arnott was biking north when he was struck by a pickup truck driver who was also heading north. At this time, the investigation is still ongoing and charges may be filed against the driver.

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