Underage DWI Offender Hits 3 Pedestrians

In Charlotte, it is reported that a 19-year-old woman was driving under the influence (DUI) when she hit three pedestrians who were leaving a bar in Elizabeth.

Officers say that 19-year-old Kirstie Pienta crashed her car into Mike Hayes and two of his friends outside of Jackalope Jacks on Sunday at 2 AM. Mike Hayes and Damion Jenkins did not suffer serious injuries. However, during the pedestrian accident, the third walker (Danielle Moore) was hit squarely by the front of Pienta's Mercedes Benz. Allegedly, Moore was carried 100 feet and had to be rushed to Carolina Medical Center, where she is now in fair condition.

After striking the three pedestrians, Pientas traveled off of the road, went across a nearby sidewalk and then struck a parking sign before slammied into a tree. She is in serious condition at CMC. Two months ago, Pientas was arrested for DWI by police.

In the state of North Carolina, the legal limit for drivers age 21 is 0.08% and people are not allowed to drink alcohol until they are 21 years of age.  Following her first DWI, Pientas license was revoked, but she continued to drive. It is said that she will be charged with DWI, reckless driving and driving after underage drinking in connection with a crash.

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