Winter 2010 – A Dangerous Time for North Carolina Auto Accidents

While Christmas of 2010 will be remembered in North Carolina for the tremendous amount of snow that fell on over 100 counties across the state, it was also be ruled as the time when several deaths occurred due to auto accidents.

There were four weather-related fatalities over Christmas weekend including Hannah Ruth Floy, 24 of Chester, SC. Although she wasn't driving, the car that she was riding in car that crash on Interstate 85 in Charlotte, NC the day after Christmas. Police report that dangerous driving conditions as well as alcohol were both contributing factors to the crash. The driver as well as another passenger were injured when the car struck a utility pole.

In another area of the state, a 7-year-old crossing the street was struck and killed by a truck; icy conditions may have contributed to that fatality. A warning was sent out to drivers on December 26 about the "black ice that would settle on roads and highways by nightfall as temperatures plummeted below freezing."

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