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Bicyclist’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Trucking Company & Driver

The wife, son, and daughter of a Baltimore man who was killed when he was hit by a semi truck while riding his bicycle has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and the driver's employer.

John R. Yates, 67, was riding his bicycle behind the truck when he became caught in the vehicle's rear wheels and was run over as the truck turned right onto another street. Yates died at the scene.

The lawsuit filed by Yates' family says that both truck driver, Michael Dale Chandler, and his employer, Potts & Callahan, Inc. (a demolition, excavation, and equipment rental company), were negligent and thus liable for the death of their loved one. They are seeking $5 million in compensatory damages.

After reviewing video surveillance footage that shows Chandler making a right turn without signaling, the attorney for the Yates family, Steven D. Silverman, argued that Chandler and Potts & Callahan were negligent. Silverman also alleges that Chandler failed to look right to ensure traffic was clear of cyclists or pedestrians.

But a police investigation determined that Yates was at fault for the accident for riding his bicycle in parking lanes and trying to pass the truck on the right, two actions considered illegal in the state of Maryland. A spokesman with the city police said their investigation concluded that Yates drove into the truck.

The attorney representing Potts & Callahan also maintains that neither Chandler nor Potts & Callahan caused the collision.

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