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Quadriplegic Finally Reaches Multi-Million Dollar Settlement After 18 Years

It's taken 18 years, but a man who suffered a trampoline injury at his elementary school has finally settled his lawsuit with the Chicago Board of Education and a private youth center.

Ryan Murray of Chicago was 13 when he suffered a life-changing injury during tumbling class on Dec. 14, 1992. Murray, who is now 30, became a quadriplegic after hitting his head as he flipped off a mini trampoline onto a mat in the school gymnasium.

Murray's lawsuit had been trying to make its way through the courts, but kept encountering obstacles. In 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court threw out his case, stating that Murray did not have the right to sue the Board of Education because it is a government entity. The court said that in order to sue a government entity Murray would need to prove the action that led to his injury was intentional.

Murray's attorney was able to get the court to hear the case again after arguing that school officials conducted the class recklessly, without proper equipment, and ignored basic safety rules. The court ended up reversing its original decision, stating that if a government entity shows an "utter indifference or conscious disregard for the safety of others," it can be sued for willful and wanton conduct.

Murray's case was then sent back to the circuit court for trial, but because Murray was able to reach a settlement the trial will not be held.

Murray settled his lawsuit for $14.7 million.

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