School Bus and Car Involved in Accident

In Fayetteville, NC , it was reported that a school bus and another vehicle were involved in car accident. Three people on the bus and the driver of the other vehicle were injured in the incident and taken to a local hospital.

A nearby neighbor, Ace Kohn, said of the crash, "I heard a terrific boom, and I knew it was bad, and I ran outside and saw a school bus had been front-ended... and I immediately dialed 911."

Among the injured was a special needs student, an adult monitor, and the bus driver-all of whom were taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with minor injuries.

The driver of the other vehicle is reported to have sustained more severe injuries and was transported by ambulance to a medical helicopter. The driver's name is not being released at this time.

The driver of the other vehicle is alleged to have been speeding in the opposite direction of the bus when it crossed the road's centerline and collided with the bus. Police are citing the high speed as a factor in the crash.

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