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Family Gets $90,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death Suit

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After keeping their settlement a secret, the news is out about the figure obtained by the Roe family against the city of Ironton.

When the Tribune filed a request to Mayor Rich Blankenship earlier this month, they used the Freedom of Information Act as their way to the settlement figure. Just this week the document was provided, revealing that the Roe family won $90,000 in its settlement. This was for the wrongful death of Aaron Roe, 23, who died back in 2007 after an incident with police at the Fuzzy Duck bar.

On May 30,2008, parents Lois Porter and James Roe filed the suit in the U.S. District Court. At that time, they asked for $2 million for the loss of Roe and emotional distress.The final amount obtained included the premium collected from the city's insurance carrier; however, since the city claims to be having financial difficulties, it is uncertain as to when the family will collect the full amount.

The newly released document showed that neither the city nor the police department would admit guilt in Roe's death.

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