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Protesters Challenge Workers’ Compensation Bill

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

Just a day before the introduction of Rep. Dale Folwell's workers' compensation bill was scheduled to be heard, hundreds of protesters showed up to in support of the status quo.

The group, which was composed of union members, injured workers and AARP members, hoped that their presence would sway the vote. There are critics of the current system who believe that it is riddled with abuse and even gives workers incentives to stay home. A study completed by the Workers Compensation Research Institute shows that each claim filed in the state of North Carolina averages $42,000. This number puts the state above the media of sixteen states in the study.

Those who are in favor of the system say that employers attempt to push workers back to work, but in unsuitable positions at lower wages. They will even deny health insurance in some cases after a worker has been injured on the job. They also disagree with the above study, saying that premiums paid by employers in North Carolina are just slightly above the national median.

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