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Supreme Court Hears Dog Bite Case

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight
A landmark case was heard by a Supreme Court in South Carolina earlier this month that could change the law regarding landlord responsibility.

The case involved a dog that bit a 2-year-old inside of a housing complex. Since the apartment complex's management should have known that the dog was being chained in a common area, the family of the young boy held management responsible for the child's dog bite.

According to reports, this was no ordinary dog bite as it led to $17,000 in medical bills since 2003. Reports indicate that a tenant had been keeping the dog chained in the apartment complex's common area for ten years. Yet, despite the length of time, the landlord and the complex's management asserted that they were unaware the dog was chained in a public area by the tenant.

After hearing both sides of the case, the Supreme Court shocked many by leaving the decision up to a lower court. It is now in the hands of that lower court to decide whether the landlord should be held liable for the dog bite that changed the little boy's life forever.

Anytime people have been bitten by dogs and feel that dog owner negligence was to blame, it is advised that they contact a North Carolina dog bite lawyer who has experience in the field of personal injury and knowledge of dangerous animal lawsuits.

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