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Truck Impounded After Collision

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After causing a major truck accident on a local interstate, the truck responsible for the incident has been impounded by law enforcement in North Carolina.

The accident, which happened last week, shut down the roadway for hours as emergency crews were dispatched to clean up the wreckage. One tractor-trailer sideswiped the other, forcing it to crash into a median wall made of concrete. The second trailer had been hauling minor hazardous materials, which had to be cleaned up by special crews. Rather than stopping to check on his fellow driver, the first truck continued driving down the roadway.

While it took several hours for officers to locate the suspected driver, they finally found him at a county rest stop. They arrested him on multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an accident with injury. At this time, he remains behind bars in lieu of $5,000 bond. Even though his vehicle shows obvious signs of recent damage, the driver continues to claim that he was not involved in the crash.

If you or someone you know was adversely impacted by a truck accident, contact a North Carolina truck accident lawyer from our firm now to discuss your case with a litigator who can help you take appropriate legal action as soon as possible.

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