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Parents of Child Killed at Concert File Wrongful Death Suit

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After losing her young son at a concert earlier this year, a grieving mother has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit. She now claims that the company in charge of the event was negligent in providing ample security for the concert.

The 19-year-old victim was attending the concert with his sister when a fight broke out in the crowd. Several shots were fired overhead, one of which struck and killed the young man. Even though the young man was not involved in the fight, he was struck in the chest with a bullet. With all of the confusion caused by the shooting, the young man was the last victim to be transported to the hospital. As a result, his mother claims, he lost his life needlessly.

Six other people were injured at the concert during a fight that is now being blamed on gang violence. He is the only person to have lost his life, however.

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