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Jury Awards Woman $3 Million 18 Years After Childbirth Injuries

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After finding him guilty of medical malpractice a court has determined that Dr. Stephen Serlin pay $3 million to a woman who suffered injuries during childbirth eighteen years ago.

The Supreme Court jury in Warren County found the doctor guilty of causing damages to Marlayna Kineke who suffered a brain injury during the birth that has led to continuing health problems. Medical reports show that there was a three to four hour delay in surgery time after the doctor realized that a brain injury had occurred. However, the doctor rebutted by saying that there was no sign of the injury during labor.

Kineke was found to have suffered "fetal asphyxia" in the womb, causing her to live with cerebral palsy all of her life. It is believed that the umbilical cord was compressed during the delivery, causing fetal asphyxia and the resulting cerebral palsy. In some cases it was found to cause other serious injuries as well as death.

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