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Wal-Mart Slip And Fall Lawsuit to Resume

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

slip and fall case against Wal-Mart can resume once again after a new judge was appointed to it. The personal injury lawsuit was filed by Belinda Fritz against the Wal-Mart in O'Fallon for the amount of $50,000 in damages and additional costs for injuries suffered as a result.

When Wal-Mart moved to substitute the case's judge, St. Clair Circuit Judge Lloyd Cueto was replaced by St. Clair County Judge Robert LeChien.

According to the case files, Fitz claims that as a result of the store's negligence, she slipped and fell on a patch of snow and ice that had not been taken care of properly.

The process of discovery was completed during 2009 where both parties went through a series of interrogatories and depositions that will contribute to the outcome of the case.

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