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Damaging Testimony Given during Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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The family of a former University of Central Florida player listened to damaging testimony that could destroy their wrongful death lawsuit.

According to court documents, the attorneys for the UCF Athletic Association took the stand this week to interrogate doctors and trainers who knew about player Ereck Plancher's condition. Plancher's family and legal team is arguing that the doctors and trainers knew about his sickle cell trait and are thus responsible for his death after a hard football practice.

One of the witnesses to take the stand was Jenna Earls, a student trainer at the university. When asked by attorney Dan Shapiro if she had been asked to remove water from the field house, she answered "no." Legal experts are seeing this as testimony that could weaken the Plancher's case. Since Plancher's death in March 2008, his family has been working on the wrongful death lawsuit in which they ask the UCF Athletics Association for millions of dollars.

The medical examiner also took the stand this month to describe the condition of Plancher's body postmortem. He stated that Plancher suffered from a heart attack.

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