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North Carolina to Ban Teenagers from Using Cell Phones While Driving

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North Carolina joins other states in banning teens from using cell phones while driving, and bans everyone else from texting or responding to emails while driving. Now the state hopes to go further to protect drivers from operating their vehicles recklessly.

A subcommittee in the House debated last week whether to make using a cell phone at all while driving illegal, unless there is a hands-free option. If the measure goes through lawmakers would impose a $100 fine or more, yet the driver's license points would not be affected. Exceptions would be in place for those making 911 calls and for first responders and police personnel performing official duties. They must decide whether they should focus on personal freedom or to protect drivers against their own negligence while driving.

According to Rep. Garland Piece, D-Scotland, the chief sponsor of the bill, the extra limitations are necessary and worth protecting his state's populace. North Carolina would join eight other states that have already imposed laws against cell phone usage while driving.

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