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Parents Suing Sheriff for Shooting

When Results Matter Most, Hire a Heavyweight

On July 24th, Sheriff Ewell Hunt responded to a call at a home in Franklin County where report of a shot fired prompted his presence. However, the parents say that they called the sheriff hours earlier and wanted him to arrive before the situation got out of control. They have since told authorities that their son was indeed holding a gun and had fired a shot into the ceiling. But when the sheriff arrived they allege that he used unnecessary force in shooting and killing their son, as is evident by the 12 shots he fired, eight of which actually hit their son Max Frye.

In their lawsuit, the Frye family is hoping to sue Sheriff Hunt for wrongful death, negligent training and a list of other items.

Do you believe that your loved one suffered a wrongful death? While this is likely to be a difficult time for your family, you owe it to your loved one to learn more about the circumstances leading up to their death. Contact our law firm to discuss your case with a North Carolina personal injury lawyer today.

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