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Children File Wrongful Death Claim for Mother’s Murder

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Did you know that you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against someone who has murdered your loved one? That is exactly what is happening in one courtroom in Kansas.

According to that lawsuit, the two children of a murdered Kansas woman are suing their father and two more people for taking their mother's life. While one man is already behind bars serving a life sentence, the two children want to sue him for collaborating with their father to kill their mother. The last time the 58-year-old mother was seen was on November 6, 2009. The badly decomposed remains of her body were discovered six months after her disappearance; the cause of death has never officially been determined.

The lawsuit goes on to state that their father conspired with a husband and wife team to kill his own wife. Even though neither their father nor the woman was ever convicted as being involved in the murder, the children have their own suspicions about his involvement, which is why they decided to take legal action.

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