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Young Man Suffers Serious Injuries during Auto Accident

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One family is waiting for the day that their son will return home from the single-car accident that caused him serious injuries.

According to police in North Carolina, the 22-year-old victim was driving a pickup truck on a highway when he lost control of the vehicle. He overcorrected and wound up running off the road instead, hitting an embankment at full speed. The impact caused him to suffer a fractured hip and break his arm in two places. Although the accident has been completely investigated, a detailed report has not been released to the public.

It is known that the victim was taken to a medical facility by helicopter from the scene of the car accident. Although two pins were surgically inserted into his broken arm, his mother reports that the hip injury will not require surgery. Instead, it is supposed to heal on its own, although how long the recovery will take is yet to be determined.

If you were injured during a car accident that caused you pain and suffering, contact a North Carolina car accident attorney from our team who can help you seek compensation and justice from negligent parties involved.

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