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Many Challenge Companies Lack of Workers’ Comp Insurance

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Despite what the state government knows about businesses evading a particular law, relatively nothing has been done to crack down on these companies. When it comes to workers' compensation claims, victims are being forced to use up their own savings when their employers' companies failed to buy workers' compensation insurance. The Industrial Commission in North Carolina has the power to crack down on businesses, but usually only intervenes when a compensation claim is filed.

For some victims, this lack of insurance means that they are forced to use their own money to pay for claims, a situation which may leave them penniless. Even though the North Carolina state government knows that businesses are failing to buy the requisite insurance, some say they have not enforced penalties or fines.

Sources report that there are currently 140,472 businesses covered by insurance companies in North Carolina. An additional 117 large companies routinely purchase the required workers' compensation insurance.

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