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Navy Jet Crashes in Virginia

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Residents of a local Virginia Beach apartment complex were the unfortunate victims of a navy jet crash that collided directly into the apartments, leveling several of the complex's buildings. Reports from officials indicated that they have not yet been successful in accounting for all of the residents living in the apartments. Reportedly, the fighter jet that crashed was being operated by a student and instructor at the time of the collision. As of now, both men are expected to survive the disastrous incident. However, the same cannot yet be said for all of the individuals residing in the apartment complex that was crashed into by the aviation vehicle.

According to reports, approximately 40 apartment units were damaged and/ or destroyed in the wake of the crash. Two pilots and five more individuals were transported to local hospitals and treated for injuries sustained in the incident. Under a lot of scrutiny right now is the fact that loads of fuel were reportedly dumped from the jet as it went down, systematically spilling it over everything underneath it. It has not yet been determined whether or not the dump was intentional – an aspect of the collision that is raising a lot of questions. While the dumping of the fuel may have prevented what could have been a horrific explosion, officials are still unsure about the intentions (or lack thereof) behind the act.

The crash took place in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia – an area with more than its fair share of military concentration bases. As it stands, there is some contention concerning the fuel dumping, as some witnesses have stated that the fuel was seen being dumped prior to the crash. As a result, many buildings and vehicles were found covered in the black, explosive liquid – an issue that luckily did not result in more of a problem. More than 20 units within the complex have been searched; crews are approaching the remaining six with extra caution due to the substantial structural damage done to them.

There are many aspects of the accident that have yet to be determined, and until investigations come back with conclusive results there will be very little that can be done in regards to the legal aspects of the matter. However, once the nature and cause of the crash have been determined, victims of the accident will need to involve a legal professional in the matter.

At the Lanier Law Group, P.A., a North Carolina personal injury attorney from our firm can help if you were wrongfully injured in an accident that could have been avoided. Aviation accidents such as the one that happened on Friday afternoon can occur anywhere. If you suffered in an accident for which you are not at fault, then you should not wait to contact a North Carolina personal injury lawyer from our firm for the sound legal representation you both need and deserve.

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