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Collapsed Crane Results in Second Death of Construction Worker

U.S. Highway 41 has been in progress for expansion, and this month they experienced a second death of one of the construction employees. The expansion project is worth $54 million dollars, and focuses on widening the Butte des Morts bridge on this part of the highway. Reports show that a crane operator was seriously injured when attempting to lift a 52-ton concrete girder onto a bridge; the crane malfunctioned and collapsed, killing one of the other construction workers as well.

Joseph R. Bidler, 35, had been working for the Spancrete construction company for 11 years when he was crushed by the crane. The chairman of the company, John Nagy, claims that this is a family owned construction company, and that they are all individually hit with sense of loss when a fellow worker is injured or killed on the job. At this time, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is looking into the accident to determine what caused the crane to collapse.

Rhonda Burke, with the U.S. Department of Labor claims that the investigation as to the causes of the malfunctions will likely take up to six months. The Department of Labor is also investigating any other violations that could be a probable cause to the death of the construction workers. It is reported that since 2010, Spancrete has faced four other accusations for violating safety and health standards on their construction sites, such as lack of fall protection and training for their employees. According to the OSHA, an estimated 89 people die every year from crane accidents on construction sites.

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