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Cop Shoots Pit Bull After Attacking Two Pedestrians

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In Jersey City, a cop was able to save the lives of a woman and her daughter by killing the pit bull that was attacking them. The owner of the dogs’ claim that their animal was just trying to play with the two passerby’s rather than trying to attack. Reports say that a neighbor called the police complaining of a disturbance involving their neighbor’s three pit bulls. Police claim that when they arrived on the scene it was at that moment the three dogs chose to attack the lady and her child, one bit the woman’s arm and the cop fired multiple shots at it until it fell over.

Animal control picked up the remaining two dogs, and the lady and her daughter were sent to the hospital for treatment. The daughter, while appearing unscathed, was being examined by the doctors anyway because of the traumatic experience she just encountered. The aunt of the dog owners, Martha Rush, claims that the dog meant zero harm on the victims; however, the lady screamed which frightened the dogs leading to their attack. Many neighbors also claim that the dogs appeared only to be playing; the aunt explains that she attempted to tell the woman that they wouldn’t hurt her.

The family owners of the dogs claim that they are terribly missed, stating that they were safe family dogs that were never violent. Whatever the case may be, as a pedestrian you have a right to not be attacked by animals from a nearby property. Even though the aunt explains that she was just moving them from inside the house to the garage, they were not properly tied up therefore causing the woman to think that she was in danger of some sort.

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