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Day Care: Are my Children Really Safe?

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Many families send their children to day care on a frequent basis. It is a facility that provides protection and instruction for the children of parents who likely have work during the day, allowing them to work hard and be worry free about their children’s safety. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the outcome of a day care center. In Minnesota, studies show that day care deaths have doubled over the past ten years. One tragic example of this is the story of a young infant being left alone for a nap in the basement where the at home day care was located, only to be found by another child face down suffocated by her own blood.

According to reports of the Minnesota’s Department of Human Services, between the years of 2007-2011, there were 51 reported deaths of children in care facilities that were licensed by the state. Though many of these deaths, all but 3; have been in certified home care facilities rather than actual day care businesses. One of the largest suspicions is that children are dying because of a lack of proper sleeping areas for the children. Whether that is the result of too many children, or other violations, the children’s lives are being put at risk.

Certain measures are being taken to help protect the infants to keep from asphyxiation such as the requirement for a single crib per child with a firm mattress, no pillows or other soft objects are allowed with them. Negligence of care providers can happen in many different environments, both elderly homes, actual doctors’ offices, and even at day care facilities.

If you or someone you know has had a child injured or killed because of a caretaker’s lack of responsibility, you deserve to have legal representation that will fight for your rights to compensation. Contact your local North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney’s office; here at Lanier Law Group, P.A. we want to help you!

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