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Measures Taken by City After Fatal Car Accident

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In Bridgeton, North Carolina, and young girl and her father were driving together when they ran off the road last November. He died and the daughter was left trapped off the side of the road for two days with his body before they were discovered by Highway Patrol. It is said that this young girl was able to survive for two days living off of some Gatorade and pop tarts that were in their car at the time. There are two different stories being shared as to what happened with the father. The 9 year old daughter shares that he dad was completely awake and just lost control of the car when they crashed.

Investigators however, are saying the exact opposite. They believe he fell asleep at the wheel because of a chronic sleep deprivation condition that he allegedly suffered with. The investigators are certain that if the father was suffering from drowsiness, it had no relation to any drugs or alcohol. Local residents around the Turkey Quarter Creek Road claim that too many accidents have happened as a result of there being no guardrail to protect the drivers. The state has complied with this request and has now placed one up in hopes that this protective measure will prevent further fatal accidents such as the case for the Leohmann family.

The start date of this new project is September 15 of this year, though the many local residents claim if the state would have done this sooner, the victim may have still been alive. Misfortunes such as this fatal accident are a terrible thing to go through, especially for those who survive the accidents. While a loved one can never be brought back, compensation for the pain and suffering can be fought for.

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