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Two Individuals Killed in Motor Vehicle Accident

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Police in North Carolina are still investigating a car accident that took the lives of two people and injured several more. Initial reports show that there was just one car involved in the accident that happened on a local highway last Sunday. So far, there are no eyewitness reports. What is known is that police were called to the scene by a motorist that observed the wreckage afterward.

It appears as though the car was heading south when the driver lost control of the vehicle. It went off the roadway, struck a tree, and wound up in a ditch. There were two victims - C.I.S., a 42-year-old woman and W.L.B., a 48-year-old man.

The driver and the passenger seated up front both survived the crash. They were transported to a local hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. A child is also reported to have been involved in the crash, a 6-year-old sitting in the back seat that suffered minor injuries. Car accidents can lead to substantial injuries.

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