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Chicken Jerky Treats from China Cause Dogs’ Deaths Nationwide

All pets will do almost anything for a treat. Recently, however, owners discovered that their pets were perishing from the meaty treats that they begged for. Nestle’ Purina’s Waggin’ Train Yam Good dog treats have been linked to the fatalities of a variety of pets across America, including one Chicago man’s Pomeranian.

As the instigator of the class action lawsuit, this owner claims that his dog became ill and died of kidney failure in less than two weeks. When investigating the cause of death, he realized that he had started giving his Pomeranian new treats recently. This was the only change he made to the dog’s diet, and he only gave the animal one of the treats each day for two days. He says that he also owns another Pomeranian, who was not given any treats and is still happy and healthy.

He is now seeking damages from Waggin’ Train LLC, the dog treats manufacturer. Also listed as defendants in the lawsuit are Nestle’ Purina Pet Care Co., the corporation that owns Waggin’ Train LLC, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., which distributed the product. According to the claim, the treats manufacturer had been warned that the dog treats caused kidney failure, but had continued production anyway. Along with 500 others, this man claimed that his dog was sick because of the ingredients in or processing of the treats. Yet despite hundreds of complaints, the packaging for the product contained no warnings about the frequent dog deaths, and the company continued to advertise that the treats were “wholesome.”

It was found that the company was intentionally concealing all the negative effects of the treats in order to get business. The companies will take to court soon to deal with the issue. Did you know that you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit if your pet was killed because of a defective product?

While the damages may not be as great as if you were dealing with a human fatality, you can still seek compensation for veterinary bills and pain and suffering. Talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information!