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North Carolina Bill Signed to Improve Workers’ Compensation Coverage

According to The Insurance Journal, Governor Bev Perdue in North Carolina has recently signed a new bill addressing the concern of workers' compensation benefits. It is purposed to improve their coverage and make sure that more employer groups offer it as part of their plans. Perdue wants to see to it that employees in the state are receiving the medical care and compensation they need if they are injured on the job. With this new law, it is required that information regarding every employer’s coverage standing is turned into North Carolina Rate Bureau to be then evaluated by the Industrial Commission. This state run company is in charge of making sure that the proper coverage is given to the employees. After an interview with the Governor’s Chief of Staff, John Bussian a specialist attorney in First Amendment Rights, reported he believes there is no way that the state government can accurately measure that every employer is adhering to the new law that has passed.

The media is discovering these crucial details regarding the new law, and finding out how many thousands of employers in the state are not abiding by it. This is seen by the number of injured workers that are left without any assistance. From the various investigations made, it is seen that the Industrial Commission hasn’t been punishing the employers that aren’t following to the law. This law, and the lack of obedience to it, has led to other issues in the state government. Questions of privacy and information being released for employees to see are being raised. The concern is that if this type of information on employers is made private than it would affect the employees ability to find out whether or not they have any workers compensation from their place of employment.

Unfortunately, workers' compensation is an issue that hasn’t been completely solved between the government and employers so if you or someone you know needs legal representation because of a work injury, please contact us.